Sealed documents

Question: According to the State’s regulations, while the sealed documents from 02 upwards and sealed shall not exceed 05 pages. So with more than 05 pages of text are now sealed to like?

Answer: The specified seal is defined in Article 26 of Decree 110/2004 / ND-CP of clerical work and apply for state agencies, political organizations, political organizations, socio – associations, social organizations, social organizations – professional, economic organizations and armed units.

The stamp was guided in Clause 2, Article 13 of Circular 01/2011 / TT-BNV then mark the agency’s regulations, organizations are presented in box 8; seal is close to the right edge between text or annex text, cover up part of the paper; each marked by a maximum 05 pages of text.

So if written more than 05 plays for 01 marks the site because as defined above, each marked by a maximum of 05 pages.

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